3 Things Someone Must Do Now at Kootenay Lake Village

I found myself wandering around fun places such as Apartment Therapy (which is currently doing an excellent job of finding things suitable for those of us not in apartments, as well as those in smaller urban spaces) Jetson Green (who we love for all things cool, modern and green–including Kootenay Lake Village) and Inhabitat. I came up with some incredible current design elements that someone must incorporate into their new home at Kootenay Lake Village this spring!

  • A book retreat library in the woods You must click on that link and see what this looks like. I wish we could require all Kootenay Lake Village owners to build one of these in their homes. You really must see a picture of this to understand how uber cool it looks. As Violette stated in the comments over at Apartment Therapy under this picture, “Oh my good lord. Every now and then you come across something that makes your heart sing. This is one.
  • Now for something a tad more practical: A net zero house producing as much energy as it uses
    From a story in the Washington Post, this new home, when built, will not only be “off the grid” but also produce energy. Someone needs to do this at Kootenay Lake Village yesterday. Its an absolute perfect fit.
  • And last, the quirky: Not so sure about this one, but I had to add it in just for fun. A swaying treehouse 23 feet off the groundIt’s wild, it’s wooden, and it’s via Inhabitat, which always mentions such lovely, interesting architectural items (including Kootenay Lake Village).

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